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LED LichtTechnik

Save up to 90% on energy costs by switching to LED lighting

Hello, my name Walter Bluhm

LED is regarded as the environmentally friendly lighting technology of the future. Lighting is today of course at night. Millions of lights brighten up streets, squares and buildings and ensure safety. But light is not the same light.
Energy saving lamps (ESL) need a lead time to get full luminosity and are mercury contaminated, therefore problematic in disposal.
 Although halogen spotlights / fluorescent tubes are bright, they are also very problematic in terms of disposal. In addition, these technologies are maintenance-intensive and expensive to maintain.

 The light bulb has served us well for over 130 years. But now, in the age of constantly rising energy costs, it has become imperative to use alternative bulbs that reduce the costs by up to 90% with adequate luminosity. That is why the appropriate measures have already been taken by the state. Since September 2009, there are no 100W bulbs by law, since September 2010, no more 75W bulbs in the trade
Also for your private household or small company the change on lighting LED is worthwhile
Further below you find an energy calculator with which you yourselves can examine what you save
with change on lighting LED

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